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Sweet, beautiful and inspiring. The photographs of the great blue heron are gorgeous and almost intimate. I highly recommend this book.

Anne L.

At this time when we’ve seen so many people who deserve the title “hero,” Heronymus comes on the scene to brighten the day!

Mark H.

It is wonderful! The story is well-written and has a moral without being heavy-handed about it. The photographs are exceptional and the layout is attractive.

Tommy R.

I loved the storyline, photos, and how Heronymus discovered himself. This book is not just for kids but a lesson for all to live by.

Linda H.

Peculiar Pelican

“You Gotta Love Heronymus! For all the Heronymus Herons out there, it’s time to claim your individual hero and dance to your heart’s content! And when you do, you’ll be surprised to see who follows. It’s hard to say what’s more appealing, the story or the photos. Having made a few, mostly unsuccessful, attempts at taking pictures of birds, I can’t help but wonder how many photos it took to get just the right one to fit each page of the story. And fit they do, perfectly taken and perfectly chosen. Like others, I bought this for a grandchild, but have been more than equally enchanted myself!”

Trish P.

Our son, age 8, loves this story because it covers a lot of the same themes he and his classmates are learning: building friendships, feeling different, and finding your tribe.

Kate C.

After reading the story to your child or grandchild, be ready to go outside and dance with your shadow.

Barbara G.

A book for all ages. Truly captivating. You feel like you are right there with Hero and his friends.

Marylin F.

My son and daughter-in-law, both educational professionals, love the book, and my grandkids have gone back to it over and over as a bedtime “requirement.”

Wayne D.

“This delightful children’s book has become my coffee table book. I turn to it often just to enjoy the charming photos and to slip momentarily into a simpler world with Hero and his pals. I bought it for my grandchildren, but it turns out that I’m keeping this copy and ordering them another one!”

Susie G.

Hungry Pelicans

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